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TSA will screen you and your bags prior to boarding the aircraft. This screening allows you and your baggage to travel to your destination without any further screening.

To expedite the boarding process, it is highly recommended that you place all your jewelry, watches, coins, belts, money clips, glasses, cell phones, shoes, coats, etc. in the plastic trays provided. TSA will then run the tray through the carry-on baggage x-ray machine while you walk through the metal detector.

A government-issued ID (federal, state, or local) is required. Each traveler must be prepared to show ID at the ticket counter and subsequent points, such as at the boarding gate, along with an airline-issued boarding pass. A boarding pass is required to pass through the security checkpoint.

Only ticketed passengers are allowed beyond the security checkpoints. (Arrangements can be made with the airlines for non-travelers accompanying children, and travelers needing special assistance to get to the gate.)

Each traveler is limited to one carry-on bag and one personal bag (such as purse or briefcase). Travelers and their bags may be subject to additional screening at the gate.

All electronic items (such as laptops and cell phones) are subject to additional screening. Be prepared to remove your laptop from its travel case so that it can be X-rayed separately.

Limit metal objects worn on your person or clothing. Remove metal objects (such as keys, cell phones, change, etc.) prior to passing through the metal detectors to facilitate the screening process. (Putting metal objects in your carry-on bag will expedite the process of going through the metal detector.)

Passengers are required to remove all jackets and place them in the X-ray machine.

Please keep these tips in mind as you plan your trips and when you arrive at the airport.

Control all bags and personal items.

Do not accept any items to carry onboard a flight from anyone unknown to you.

Report any unattended items in the airport or on an aircraft to the nearest airport, airline or security personnel.