What is the demand for commercial pilots?

  • 600,000 pilots will be needed in the next two decades
  • 12,000 pilots short in North America alone by 2023
  • 60,000 pilots short globally by 2029
  • The U.S. Air Force is currently over 2,000 pilots short of demand

Why is there a Pilot Shortage?

  • Retirement – 50% of current pilots will retire in the next 15 years.
  • Pilots must retire at 65 years old
  • No longer a military feeder system from World War 2, Korean War, or Vietnam War
  • Middle Eastern and Asian airlines are luring American pilots
  • Required training increased from 250 hours to 1,500 hours in 2013
  • The number of training hours required has increased the cost to become a commercial pilot to $125,000-$175,000. No college loan program or other government assistance is available

What we have done to help

Created a workforce development program that offers:

  • Quality flight training in a Cessna 172
  • Flight training at a discounted rate
  • Guaranteed job placement at a highly respected airline
  • Training cost reimbursement